Best Thermal Curtains - Top 5 Brands Revealed, Buyer’s Guide


Choosing thermal curtains is not easy. You need to know some certain subtleties like Size or Measurements for example. These curtains are all suitable for cottages, but I took a chance and bought it at my apartment.

I've tried different drapes, each has its pros and cons. I have put together guides to find the best thermal curtains for your accommodation based on my experience and included a few reviews.

If you carefully choose the curtains, first of all you should pay attention to the Size and Measurements. You need to think about the length of your curtains. I advise you to take long ones, because they are better combined with the interior and perform their functions better (Block out sunlight and harmful UV rays. Insulates against the heat and cold.).

Also a very important point when you choosing curtains is the Color. My experience is that dark colors better retain heat and protect against sunlight. Light tones are best used to keep cool in the room.

In addition, Cleaning is also important. Due to the fact that in the summer more often open the windows, curtains quickly get dirty. Light colours and polyester fabric are easier to clean.

let's look at the best options down-here:

The Best Thermal Curtains – Buyer’s Guide

Why are these curtains so popular? What are they for? Thermal curtains keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Besides, they also keep your dreams at night, reducing the noise outside. In addition, these drapes protect the room from sunlight. Moreover, they look very enormous and rich in the interior. It's absolutely an advantage.

Curtains Fibre

Basically thermal curtains are made of polyester fabric. It is very good at cleaning. There are also cotton curtains in the shops. I tried such, they are very thin and protect the room from the sun's rays worse than polyester curtains, rush very much and absorb moisture. I had a lot of problems due to cotton drapes, so I prefer polyester ones.

Curtains Color

Choosing curtains you need to clearly understand how dark room you want to have.

In the living room I hung black drapes. Especially it is really good for watching movies at any time, because black curtains protect the room as much as possible from the sunlight.

I hung grey curtains in the children's bedroom. They are pretty good, too, but the room does not get completely dark.

White color is perfect for the kitchen. It is not dark and you do not need to turn on the extra light.

It is such an interesting topic to discuss. A cat lives in our apartment, it loves to bite new things (literally it is!). However, when we brought and installed the curtains, Chimmy sniffed them, rubbed them next to each other and did not even scratch or nibble. Except when the window is a little open in the summer, because of the draft, it is played with the edge of the curtains. It looks very funny. Due to the fact that the material is slippery, the curtains are in good condition, their material is not spoiled. I am very pleased that there are no traces of the animal.

Sound insulation

If you think that curtains really remove the sound as much as possible, then no.

They really help, they turn street noise into a calm and discreet rustling. My friend lives in the city center, she was very complaining about outdoors sounds. With these curtains it is pretty easier to fall asleep, she says.

Crickets and toads were constantly tormenting us in the countryside, now we are not tormented. All thanks to the curtains. We usually sleep with air conditioning in the summer, but even if we open a window, the animals outside are almost inaudible. There was a time when we started cleaning the house and removed the curtains to clean them. That is when we really could not sleep, because we are used to silence.

What is the difference between thermal curtains and blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains typically feature tightly woven fabric to block out unwanted sunlight. In most cases, these curtains have a sewn thin liner to effectively repel the sunlight. These curtains are ideal for houses with unwanted sunlight like bedrooms or living rooms.

Thermal curtains feature a layer of acrylic foam to provide insulation, making these curtains ideal for winter months or drafty windows. Thermal curtains can also dampen sound, block out sunlight and reduce energy bills. While both blackout and thermal curtains have an blackout quality, the primary function of thermal curtains is to insulate the room.

Curtains structures

This all qualities prevail due to the interesting constructions of the product. The basis are foam core and vapor barrier structures, which through joint work produce such a result. Decorative layer serves only for presentable thermal drapes, it can be chosen based on your preferences.

What function of these layers are and in what order they are arranged on? The first one is decorative layer, the fabric that faces your room. After that curtains have foam core and vapor barrier. Foam core is a high-density foam inside the curtain’s fabric. It serves to asorb sounds and to mantain your house temperature. As for vapor barrier it is a non-breathable material that couil cope with ingress of moisture to the foam core.


As you can see, thermal curtains are quite flexible. Fortunately that they still fit well into the interior of your house. Choosing curtains pay attention to what you need: more or less penetration of light depends on the innovative fabric and its color, pets are not a problem and the most important point is not to confuse thermal curtains with the blackout curtains. Curtains are intended only for use inside. In general, the fabric from which curtains are produced is the polyester.

Do not lose your money!