Best Curtains for Noise Reduction – Professional Review and Complete Guide

Curtains for noise reduction can make your sleep more restful, especially if you live and sleep in a noisy environment.

Are you looking for the best noise curtains? Well, you are in the right place!

One of the best things you can do now to reduce unwanted noise is to invest in sound control curtains (also known as noise protection).
That’s what I have done, and I can confidently say that there is an enormous difference in the echoes and the noises coming through the windows.

Best Curtains for Noise ReductionIn this article, you will learn everything about reduction curtains and which are the best. One thing to keep in mind is if you choose sound-absorbing curtains, look for the heavier ones, as they have the greatest effect.

How to choose the right soundproofing curtains?

Choosing the right curtains is crucial to dampen the house from noise. I have put together a quick buyer’s guide to help you buy.

Best curtains for noise reduction

What are soundproofing curtains?

In short, these are curtains that have been designed to reduce noise and echoes from the outside and inside. They are much more substantial and denser than ordinary curtains and are used to reduce noise and echoes to ensure proper noise protection.

What are curtains for noise reduction made of?

From a scientific and acoustic point of view, in order to achieve the best possible sound insulation of all objects, use thicker fabric with sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing properties. The thick fabric absorbs or insulates the noise.

They consist of very dense and thick sound-absorbing fabric, which is then joined together in a sandwich-like way into several layers. The most commonly used material is fiberglass, velvet, vinyl, and polyester. Usually made of the fabric, which consists of many fibers. Such curtains will not only keep you from noise but also keep warm in your home. Find out in our article how to choose the right thermal curtains for the winter.

Do noise curtains worry silence?

For this reason, there are special curtains to protect against loud noises. You can confirm this by looking at the review of soundproofing materials.

Most of the time, they are made of thick fabric, which in addition to soundproofing also brings some other advantages, such as better insulation in winter.

Externally, the curtains are no different from other (high-quality) variants – but the material ensures that noise sits outside the bedroom.

Do the reduction curtains really work?

Yes, they work, but it is important to remember that installing these curtains alone does not eliminate the unwanted noise in your room. However, they absorb most echoes and sounds from both inside and outside.
In this sense, it is good for you to look for a complete soundproofing solution that does not affect it. You have to pay attention to the windows for even bigger results in addition to these.

The total size of the curtain

Normally you would buy curtains that match the exact size of your windows, but if you’re before you buy, it’s extremely important to buy one that’s at least 2-3 times wider than your window and at least 20cm longer than your window.
The overall size of the curtain affects how much sound can be absorbed. The bigger the curtain, the better. Larger curtains will help cover the entire area of your window.

  • Fabric

The fabric used on the curtain is directly related to how much sound is absorbed. Some materials are dramatically better than others and choosing the right fabric is a critical step, fortunately, I have completed the task for you in choosing the right material.
The golden rule when choosing the right fabric is: the more fibers are contained, the better.

  • Weight

A general rule of thumb is that the heavier the curtains for noise reduction, the better. When buying, pay attention to denser and heavier materials, as they contain many fibers that make it easier to absorb noise.

  • Wash

Some curtains are not washable, this can be a disadvantage in the long run because they get dirty over time and that will shade the true beauty of them, fortunately, some are marked as washable and the price is the same.

  • Cornices

When buying curtain poles, it is best to find curtain poles that can do the following two things.

Curtains should be able to hold the weight comfortably; should help to supplement the curtains with more soundproofing by supporting the overall noise cancellation of the curtains.

If you want a solid noise reduction, you should use the double rods, which are great to hold back the heavyweight and give you the ability to add a double layer of curtains that also reduce external noise.

The thick fabric is opaque

Not only noise but also disturbing light can negatively affect sleep. The bedroom should therefore be as dark as possible so that the hormone melatonin is released.
Many curtains allow too much light to pass through, which interferes with sleep.

Thick curtains have a noticeable advantage here: The material does not allow light rays to pass through even during the day and the interior remains dark.

Even bright car headlights during the night do not disturb.

The curtains insulate from cold & heat

Because the material used is also thicker than with normal curtains, the noise protection variants protect against too cold & hot temperatures.

In winter, they insulate better than normal variants and can reduce heating costs – by up to 37%, according to manufacturer Moondream.

Even in summer, the curtains can protect against too much heat – air conditioning does not replace them, of course, but the cooling is noticeable.

Such a reduction curtains thus combine 3 functions in one.

Difficult installation

These curtains are very heavy and this can cause some installation difficulties, but most are provided with an installation guide that will help you with the installation.


Curtains for noise reduction are a good way to insulate loud ambient noise. Especially if you cannot sleep properly at night because it is too noisy, a thick soundproof curtain provides the right noise protection.