Best Thermal Curtains for winter – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Reviews Guide analyzes and compares all best Thermal Curtains for winter. It is interesting that thermal drapes adapt to the weather seasons and perform functions properly. If it is winter, for example, then blackout curtains keep warm in your house and even you will not have to spend heating a lot.

What about the summer – they keep cool in the room and do not allow the penetration of sunlight in the house. Also, sound insulation is their credit too. Texlab Blackout Winter Thermal Insulated ideal for winter months or drafty windows. Best Protect from cold and drafts! Very beautiful, it feel nice thick curtains. They absorb sound well and protect up to 99% of light and ultraviolet rays. You will not interfere with rest now!

Best Thermal Curtains for winter

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1. Editor’s Choice

NICETOWN Extra Wide Patio Door Curtain

2 blackout curtain panels no liner
Thermal Insulated Blackout
Up to 75% light blocking
Provide insulation, soundproofing
Dense & super heavy, soft fabric
2. Best Thermal Insulation

MIUCO 2 Panels Room Darkening Thermal Insulated

2 panels, 8 metal grommets, with Miuco weights
Impede 98% light and 100% UV
Thermal Insulated winter, 60% soundproofing
Blackout, super soft, heavy


3. Soft & breathable

RYB HOME Decorative Curtain Drapes

2 Panels, cover windows to full width
Block up to 95% of the light
Thermal Insulated Winter, soundproofing
Energy Saving


4. Super blackout curtains

Deconovo Solid Blackout Curtains Thermal Insulated

2 panels, 8 stainless silver grommets
Block the light, soundproofing
Thermal insulation, during winter for an energy consumption
Light and soft, have a silk-like texture


5. Best energy saving

PONY DANCE Kitchen Thermal Curtains

2 blackout curtain panels, no liner
Can reduce light, save heating cost
Thermal Insulated
Heavy, silky fabric, very pleasant to touch


What we call curtains in winter?
How to choose the right product? Thermal curtains are a cost-effective addition to the classic thermal insulation of a house. They keep the cold in winter and in summer the heat outside, which would otherwise enter the apartment through the window, the front door or the basement door.

Best Thermal Curtains for winter function

In addition to the insulation function, many good products have other useful functions such as darkening, eye density or sound attenuation. With the purchase of a thermal curtain, you can beat several birds with one stone.
You should also make sure that your thermo gardin is machined washable and that its dimensions are adapted to the place where you want to hang it.

1. NICETOWN Extra Curtain – Energy Smart & Noise Reducing Grommet Thermal Insulated – The best winter curtains insulated

NICETOWN Extra Wide Patio Door Curtain
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General Impression

The first thing I want to point out is that the curtains are made of 100% polyester. You don’t electrocute in winter, and it’s easiest to clean in summer.

It is also important to know that it is better to take a dark color in order to prevent the room from sunlight. Good enough to protect against noise from the outside.

I also like that there is a choice of color. Green is the most beautiful and pastel. The room is getting like an apple.

However, they are a little short, and if you open the window, and at the street will be windy, it is better to fix them with something.

In addition, I iron my curtains on «synthetics» mode with low steam setting. I firmly pressed the iron over the creases in constant motion ironing the entire «FRONT side» of curtain. Moreover, just using the synthetics setting is not enough to remove the creases. You need the low stream to remove the creases completely. You can also use a steam cleaner.

Note, that the package come with 2 panels of 42”x 84” each, so the total coverage will be of 84”x 84”, for example.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Fibre – 100% polyester
2 panels in the package
Fits easily with standard curtain rods
Variety of colors
Thermal insulation, soundproofing
Block up to 75% of the light
Machine or mannual wash
Easy to clean
Easy to iron

Lighter color lets light

2. MIUCO 2 Panels Room Darkening Thermal Insulated – Best Protect from cold and drafts

MIUCO 2 Panels Room Darkening Thermal Insulated
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General Impression

The curtains are presented in 16 different colors and 3 different sizes.  Three sizes available: 42″W x 45″L, 42″W x 54″L, and 42″W x 72″L. You can now have the kitchen curtains down to the floor!

They have excellent quality, nice soft fabric. There are two panels in the package. It is very convenient, you will be able to arrange them where you will be more comfortable. The fabric is quite dense and heavy. The curtains look elegant and noble.

Although the curtains are unlined, and have the same color on both sides, they block up to 90% of the light. Also provide insulation and sound insulation in your home. This means that your sleep will be perfect, no one will disturb it. And if it is very noisy to sleep, you can see curtains with noise reduction. What could be better!

These curtains are usually used in late autumn and winter because of their insulation. Using them, you will keep the heat in your home.

You can use it for different purposes:

  • *Use as a blackout curtain for shift workers – leaves barely visible light through even in direct sunshine
  • *old front door allows a lot of draughts through, which makes the hallway very cold – after the curtain is attached as cold protection, the problem is fixed and much warmer inside.

It is very easy to take care of curtains – they can be washed in the washing machine and with your hands. It is best to use soft detergents for washing, you can not add bleach. It is necessary to stoke curtains at a low temperature.

Best Features

Pros Cons

2 curtains in the set
Up to 98% block the light
Reduce External Noise 60%
Protect from cold and drafts
Machine wash & drying
Soft & dense
Help save on heating
Different colors
A quiet sleep
Good quality for many years

Not always matching the color

3. RYB HOME Decorative Curtain Block Winter Cold – Best Soft & breathable Thermal Curtains

RYB HOME Decorative Curtain Drapes for Coffee
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General Impression

You can decorate your windows with modern thermal curtains. For your convenience, they are presented in 21 colors and 5 sizes. We hope that these airy, but at the same time and dense curtains, will give comfort, amazing look and you will be very comfortable.

The curtains are dimmes, they block up to 95% sunlight and provide complete protection against ultraviolet rays. These curtains are good for the children’s room. Especially for young children, who usually sleep a lot. Also, if you are a lover of daytime sleep – heat curtains will give you a good night’s sleep, as they are not only blacking out, but also sound-absorbing.

The highest quality insulating dense fabric protects against the cold in winter.  Energy savings are very tangible. The H.VERSAILTEX is often used as a room separator against the cold (separation from warm and colder rooms, use at the front door, demarcation of hallway and living area) as well as for darkening rooms.

The Nickel Gromme keeps what it promises. It’s a bit heavy, so it does not get blown to the side when you open the front door. The quality / workmanship as well as the price /performance ratio is impeccable.

Overall, the thermal curtain looks very valuable. The annoying escape of heat from the living area into the adjacent hallway is thereby noticeably reduced. In one case, the temperature rose noticeably after installation in the living area within a few minutes. Many also use the thermal curtain to reduce further thermal problems in the house (e.g. front door) and thus save energy.

You can wash them in a washing machine without adding bleach and chlorine. Dry and iron at low temperatures.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Microfiber – 100% polyester
2 curtains in the set
Up to 95% block the light
Thermal insulation, soundproofing
Nickel lining
Protect from cold and drafts
Machine wash & drying
Energy Savings
Excellent blocking of light and noise
Soft & dense
Different colors & sizes
High quality

Not always matching the color
Bad Transportation, Come Crumpled

4. Deconovo Solid Blackout Curtains Thermal Insulated – Best blackout curtains for winter

Deconovo Solid Blackout Curtains Thermal Insulated
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General Impression

There is one curtain per package, so if you want to hang two panels on your rod, you need to order two.

I like these curtains because at the top they have large diameter rings (1.5) and it looks very beautiful.

Also, do not stretch to one canvas, the effect will be half. More folds on the curtains, better they protect from light and keep warm or cold. Do not skimp on drapes. Easy to put on the rod.

Please calculate the length and width correctly. If more – nothing terrible, and if less, it will pass the light or blow out of the windows.

A few of the seams have stragglers that you can trim off

Сhecked, hung curtains in the kitchen. It was summer, we have a sunny side. They knocked down temperatures in the lab by 5-6 degrees immediately.
They are not very dense. But I spend a lot of time ironing them, because it is necessary after cleaning. It probably depends on the fabric.
These are normal curtains, not “blackout” or “room darkening”, but almost do all the functions.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Fibre – 100% polyester
Large diameter rings
Energy saving
Thermal insulation properties
Insulated blackout
Blackout, silky, soft
Instantly adjusts the temperature
Can reduce light
Very pleasant to touch

One curtain per package
Most often available only basic colors
75% protecting
Not “blackout”

5. PONY DANCE Darkening Thermal – Best blackout curtains for winter

PONY DANCE Kitchen Beige Curtains
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General Impression

Again, the curtains are made of high-quality polyester. Each of the panels come with 6 grommets top and they glide smooth and easy every nice.

The blackout curtains are well made and the thread is trimmed, winkle free, whereas the nice seam increase the impressive finish look.

I like these curtains because they’re tight. But they’re drying up for a long time.

The fabric is very soft and absorbs moisture as much as possible.

They also protect well from the heat. At least the cottage in the summer is very cool. Once a day we have cooled the room with air conditioning, which is enough for the whole day.

However, it is difficult to wash the dirt from flies or mosquitoes, because we do not have nets on the windows in the cottage.

They can also pass the ferry! They become more smooth.

Because of the dark yarn at the back, it protects against noise at night.

Best Features

Pros Cons

2 curtains in the set
2 Tie Backs Included
Fibre – 100% polyester
Thermal insulation
Light and soft
Noise protection
Machine wash & drying

Washing only in cold water
Not waterproof
80-90% protecting

Best Thermal Curtains for winter – Buyer’s Guide

What are the advantages of a thermal curtain?

Best Thermal CurtainsA well-thought-out heat curtain must provide good insulation. If the thermal curtain is well insulated, you can feel comfortable in your room under all climatic conditions. You should be aware that the curtains are equipped with a heavy multi-layered structure with an insulating interior lining so that they can protect you and create a pleasant indoor air.

Thermal curtains block heat and cold. Houses with heating and air conditioning will greatly benefit from the insulation of the heat curtains. These curtains are designed to keep the heat out in the summer months and prevent air from escaping.

The fact that these curtains are primarily intended to insulate your room recommends them for people who live in particularly cold areas. Due to their insulating nature, these curtains maintain the heat and drastically reduce the heat loss through the windows during the day. For this purpose, they have a heavy multi-layer construction with insulating interior cladding, a design that guarantees you several degrees a day.

Protection from draughts

Another advantage of thermal curtains is effective protection against draughts. Draught swells and should, therefore, be avoided as far as possible. 

How to seal off room for winter with curtains?

Warm and cold are kept away: the thermal curtain ensures a pleasant climate. How to hang the curtain rightly, see this article. What are the benefits and how many rings are needed.

Thermal curtains perform several tasks:

  • ✔ They are decorative living elements that are offered in different design variants. You can choose from simple, monochrome finishes as well as eye-catching and colorful patterns. 
  • ✔ At the same time, the curtains have a warming or cooling effect. In summer, the warm rays of the sun are held and the insulation of the house is supported. In addition, using this product you prevent the room from heating up and the interior remains pleasantly cool. 
  • ✔ In winter, the curtains provide additional insulation against the cold. Especially slightly insulated or leaky windows allow a lot of heating energy to escape unused. 
  • ✔ If the windows have a large area, for example in old buildings, there will be high heat losses, which you counteract a bit by the thermal drapes. Of course, a curtain cannot replace insulation, but it develops large, positive effects. It’s not just homeowners who appreciate these properties. 
  • ✔ Thermal curtains can also be used for caravans. The mobile accommodations are usually less insulated than houses and therefore require additional cold protection.

What type of curtains to buy for keeping room warm in winter?

my curtains


The best thermal curtains for winter – cheap and effective thermal insulation.

A thermal curtain (also known as thermogardine or insulating curtain) is made of particularly heat-insulating material. Most of them are rather thick and heavy curtains, but the material does not necessarily have to be particularly thick or heavy. It depends above all on how densely it is woven. Felt, velvet, and chenille are popular materials for thermal curtains, and fleece is also used here.

Even if the thermal curtain cannot completely replace good thermal insulation in the house, it is nevertheless a very cost-effective way to improve the insulation in the house at least on a point-by-point and provisional basis.

In winter, a thermal curtain can be used as a cold protection curtain. You can use such a curtain to seal your front door, window or hallway. In winter attached to the door, this curtain helps to keep the apartment warm and save heating costs. You can use the curtain against draughts, as cold protection or wind protection on the door.

What is a good fabric for winter curtains?

Most goods are made of 100% polyester, a very easy-care material. Thermocurtains made of chenille, a velvety fabric, are also popular. A felt or velvet curtain also has quite good insulating properties.

Unfortunately, a surface curtain, slat curtain or bamboo curtain cannot apply the desired insulating properties.

Most wares are easy to care for and can be easily washed in the machine. 

The basic properties of best insulated curtains for winter:

It forms a heat-insulating layer in front of windows or doors. This is mainly due to the special fabric properties, which are clearly different from the usual types of curtains. 

Best Thermal Curtains for winter can be used to:

  1. limit heat losses through the windows during cold winter months;
  2. intercept draughts at the window or from a door or in the hallway;
  3. prevent heating by the sun;
  4. achieve effective blackout at night;
  5. reduce noise from outside.

If the windows and doors do not close properly, draughts penetrate into the room or the adjoining room, then a thermal curtain is a right thing to do for a quick but very effective remedy.

Thermal Curtains for winterHow to choose winter curtains

Of course, it is crucial for the choice of the right curtain that it has the right dimensions so that it fits well into its place. Note that the curtain should be about 1.5 to 3 times wider than the area you want to impose. For example, 140 x 245 cm is sufficient for a width of the background from 60 to 125 cm. After all, the curtain is not tightly stretched, but it is supposed to throw wrinkles. These not only look pretty but also increase the thermal function of the curtain.

How to hang thermal curtains

Tip: When fastening, make sure that the curtain closes as close to the ceiling and especially to the floor so that as little air as possible can escape around the curtain. The better the curtain closes on the ceiling and floor, the stronger the insulating effect.

How to make heavy winter curtains?

With the right material such as a thermal fabric, you can also make your own cold curtain. To do this, you need the right dimensions. Buy metered goods in grey, beige or white, for example.

There are several ways to choose the right curtains. Do you only want a temporary foreclosure or are you wanted to darken throughout the year?

Design the windows in your motorhome opaque and pleasantly cool. The trend towards opaque curtains. A thermal curtain is the best protection against sweltering outside temperatures. On the other hand, alternatives such as a slat curtain with eyelets or a chilly bamboo curtain help only to a limited extent. 

The best choice of materials: best insulated curtains to keep cold out

best insulated curtains to keep cold outUse a best thermal curtains for winter against cold. Felt, fleece and chenille are fabrics that are ideal for the production of a surface curtain due to their properties.

A darkening curtain in grey with 140 x 245 centimeters fits perfectly into your bedroom. Cuddly soft chenille is ideal for the thermal curtain if you like soft fabrics. The fabric proves itself when it comes to the production of a high-quality thermal curtain.

Caution: If you notice leaking windows or seals, it is advisable to have this fixed by a professional. In the long run, a thermal curtain cannot help effectively save on already leaking windows. 

What do i do if my curtains dont reach the floor winter?

floor winter curtainsWhen calculating the required amount of material, it is important to note that you need a good double, if not three times as much fabric as the front door is wide. The denser the wrinkles of the curtain, the greater the thermal lyrising effect. Concerning the length, it is important to note that the curtain on the floor is completely wide to compensate for unevenness in the ground. In addition, you should choose a color that emits heat, for which reds or oranges are very suitable. This gives the home an additional pleasant and thermally insulating effect.

1. Dimensions

It is of course also crucial for the decision of the right curtain that it has the right dimensions so that the curtain also fits well to its later place. It should be noted that the curtain should be about 1.5 to 3 times wider than the surface to be covered to which you want to hang it. For example, a 140 x 245 cm curtain is sufficient for a background of 60 to 125 cm. It is important that the curtain is not tightly stretched, but that it should throw wrinkles. These not only look visually appealing, but also increase the thermal function of the curtain.

Cleaning the thermal curtainIt becomes much more difficult to find thermal curtains with patterns. If you want a pattern for your thermal curtain, you can also have it made to measure or you can sew a thermal curtain yourself.

2. Fabric

The majority of the thermal curtains are made of 100 percent polyester, which is a very easy-care material. Thermo curtains made of Chenille are particularly popular. However, felt or velvet curtains also offer good insulating properties.

A slat curtain, surface curtain or bamboo curtain cannot apply the best insulating properties. 

Cleaning the thermal curtain

How you clean your thermal curtain depends on the product type of your blackout curtain. Some insulating curtains may only be washed cold. Other curtains can tolerate laundry in the washing machine at temperatures of up to 40 degrees.

Before placing the thermal curtain in the washing machine, you should combine it several times in the form of layers. Gliders on the edge put in a cloth bag. Lace it up carefully. Even if the fragrance is seductive: wash the thermal curtain as indicated. Do not use softeners.

Do not be alarmed by the thought that a wet thermal curtain is very heavy. For wrinkle-free drying, however, it is advisable to let the thermal curtain dry when wet. So it hangs out and leaves no undesirable wrinkles. 

How often should I wash a thermal curtain?

Of course, cleaning is associated with a greater effort depending on the weight and dimensions of the blackout curtain. Accordingly, it makes sense to clean the cold curtain when it has visible contaminants.

Nevertheless, you will find further tips on the care instructions. In any case, it is sufficient to clean the thermal curtain up to twice a year. Small tip: For the sake of your curtain, do not use the slingshot or the dryer.

Initially, you will be grey before this cleaning, but not every thermal curtain is heavy. Trust your original choice when you like light-impermeable curtains the best.

Combine your spring cleaning with cleaning the thermal curtain. Do you have the opportunity to dry thick curtains in the garden or on a large terrace? Perfect. Wash the thermal insulation curtain in an alternation of the seasons.

Over the winter, it is sufficient to put in a wash cycle at the latest at the beginning of October. Over the winter months, when the best thermal curtains for winter proves its worth, you ensure a pleasant indoor climate without cold feet when getting up.

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