How to make thermal curtains?

Tip: To find out how much curtain fabric you need, do the following:

✔ First of all measure the width of the area you want to cover;

✔ then multiply the measured value by a number between 1.5 and 3;

✔ the higher the number you multiply, the more wrinkles your curtain will throw later;

✔ and the length? For a window sill you need about a length of 175 cm. For a floor-length curtain, you should set a length of about 245 cm. In case of doubt, however, you should measure again.

A curtain made of fabric cannot achieve 100% darkening. This will also be the result of every thermal curtain test. Dark fabrics are best for this purpose. Please note that light fabrics, especially white, cannot darken despite good fabric quality as darkening. However, there are no truly transparent thermal curtains, as this would not be compatible with the insulating effect.


A thermal curtain, which is color-matching to the furnishing, also contributes visually to a comfortable atmosphere.

With thermal curtains, there is a wide range of colors from which you can choose your favourite color to your heart’s content, which also suits your interior. Standart colors such as white, cream, beige and grey are popular and adapt to any home interior. But you can also find stronger colors on the thermal curtains.

It becomes more difficult to find thermocurtains with patterns. If you want a pattern on your thermal curtain, you can also have it made to measure or sew a thermogardine yourself.

How to install curtains in a rental for winter?

Stable curtain rods are suitable for mounting a thermal curtain. The best thermal curtain will not inspire you if you choose the wrong color or underestimate the weight of a heavy curtain.

Think calmly about using your new curtain against draughts as a fixed cold protection in a room. Then the dimensions of your apartment should correspond to the length of the window curtain. This is the only way to achieve the desired effect. In other words, a thermal curtain that is too short or too narrow does not protect against draughts, nor does it meet the desired cold protection.

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Basically, you can hang the thermal curtain with curtain rods. Depending on the product type, the thermal insulation curtain is fastened with a cleaver, eyelets or loops.

make thermal curtains

How to sew winter curtains

  1. Thermal curtain with eyelets and curtain rod: Optical eye-catcher.

With a new thermal curtain, the shiny curtain rod forms a successful eye-catcher in every room.

The large eyelets facilitate the uncomplicated fastening of the thermogardine. As with many thermal curtains, you also gain noise insulation when they are thick curtains.

This may be particularly pleasant after a night out or in case of illness.

  1. Cold curtain with loops: Ideal for kitchen or children’s room

The wide loops provide a playful romantic look in your eat-in kitchen.

Hanging from the insulating curtain is no more difficult than with a blackout curtain with a crimping wall. Not everyone likes a sterile curtain rod and likes the wide loops.

Tip: Thermal curtain made to measure: Be on the safe side of dimensions. Consider the width of the window and the desired fold.