Best shower curtains for small bathrooms – Ultimate Guide

Now I want to talk about best shower curtains for small bathrooms. It suits you if you find something interesting for your small bathroom. There are lots of special tips and few reviews. Read down here. Good luck!

The most important things in a nutshell:

  1. The most important thing is the material. It decides on hygiene, durability, water density and environmental friendliness.
  2. Textile and plastic bathroom curtains for small bathrooms are most common and meet the most essential criteria.
  3. With polyester curtains, you have the best options like water-repellent with an anti-mold effect, easy cleaning and a wide range of colors.


Best shower curtains for small bathrooms

Image Product
1. Editor’s Choice

AmazerBath Plastic Shower Curtain

EVA 8G with Clear Stones, 72×72
Protection from mold, rust, germs
High-quality fastening, thick
2. With fabric pad

AmazonBasics Mold

100% Premium Polyester, 72 X 84
Water-repellent, reinforced fasteners metal
Mildew Resistant, weighted hem


3. 100% antibacterial

EPICA Strongest Mildew Resistant

Vinyl waterproof 72×72
Protection from mold, fungi, bacteria
Stays in place without magnets


4. Exquisite bead blind

Shower Curtain Set Creative Ombre Waffle

100% Polyester, 70 x 72
Textured, fashionable
Hooks with beads


5. Mold-resistant

ARICHOMY Shower Curtain Set Bathroom Fabric

Polyester, 72 x 72
Protection from mold and fungus


1. AmazerBath Plastic Shower Curtain – Best curtain with patented mold protection

AmazerBath Plastic Shower Curtain
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General Impression

The curtain has its developed treatment from mold. Namely, a patented antibacterial pad. It will be more durable, more than 4 times compared to the usual curtain.

Also, the curtain is not toxic, as it does not contain chlorine, various toxic and chemical components. Therefore, your health will not suffer from various odors.

At the bottom of the curtains are strong magnets that will prevent the curtains from blowing while showering.

Enhanced hooks are strong and high-quality. Curtains for a small bathroom will serve you for a long time.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Protection from germs
Mold protection
Powerful magnets
Enhanced hook
Strong, light
Medium thickness for easy use

Few magnets

2. AmazonBasics Mildew Resistant with Hooks – Best waterproof curtains

AmazonBasics Mold and Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain
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General Impression

This curtain is made of top quality water-repellent fabric (100% Premium Polyester).

The fabric is specially processed so that the water, getting on it, formed a ball that quickly repels and dries. Thus you are not afraid of mold, it just will not be!

The curtain is elongated, with two lower magnets.

For long-term use in place of hooks made stainless pad, which prevents rupture.

It is possible to use a washing machine. After that, it is necessary to dry the curtain well.

Best Features

Pros Cons

High-quality material
Stainless crochet pad
It dries quickly
Light, long
Opaque, can be used not only in the shower

Not fat
No weighted strip at the bottom

3. EPICA Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain – Best antibacterial and super-strong curtains

EPICA Strongest Shower Curtain
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General Impression

The peculiarity is that it is made 100% antibacterial vinyl. It is super-strong and waterproof.

People with allergies are well suited to these blinds, as they will not breed mold, fungi and bacteria.

Because of the quality and severity of the material, there is no need to use magnets.

The fixtures are sturdy and durable, as they use metal pads and a nylon cap.

Best Features

Pros Cons

No mold, fungi, bacteria
Remains in place without magnets
Metal pads and nylon cap for fastenings

Washing only in cold water
Not waterproof
80-90% protecting

4. Shower Curtain Set Creative Ombre Waffle – The most beautiful curtains

Creative Home Ideas Ombre Waffle
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General Impression

The drape in the little bathroom is modern, fashionable, textured with beads.

Also, it different for every taste of color scheme.

It does not concern the floor, so there is no dirt on it, so it is the ideal size.

There are small plastic beads on the hooks. This allows you to hold the blind well and firmly and avoid damage.

You can wash in a conventional washing machine, but only in cold water without the addition of bleach, mostly a soft remedy.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Fashionable, exquisite
Strong fabric
Hooks with beads
You can wash in a washing machine

Color may be different

5. ARICHOMY Shower Curtain for small bathrooms Set Fabric – The most mold-resistant curtains

ARICHOMY Shower Curtain Set Bathroom
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General Impression

It is colorful and bright thanks to the choice of many bright (natural) drawings. It is made of special polyester fabric.

This fabric has been carefully selected and tested to be waterproof and to protect against mold.

The balls formed from the water quickly dry up. The material from polyester contributes to this.

The edge and bottom are weighted; the hooks are durable and reinforced, with stainless metal sleeves

It is convenient to wash it in a typewriter, but preferably in cold water.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Pretty thick.
High-quality, sturdy
Protection from mold, quickly dry
Water repellent
The edge and bottom are weighted
Non-rust hooks

Washing only in cold water
May not be matching the hue

Best shower curtains for small bathrooms – Buyer’s Guide

Which material is the best?

shower curtains images

Most hangings are made of 100% polyester fabric or vinyl. Both have perfect water-repellent properties. Linen and cotton fabrics with Teflon coatings can also be used. They look particularly homely. A polyester textile has the advantage that it can usually be washed in the washing machine.

If you have a small bathroom you should rather choose a monochrome or a transparent and if your bathroom is dark or without a window, use rather bright colors. If color is blue, it is particularly suitable for a maritime bath design or a plant, flower or the smooth green gives your feel-good oasis in the bath a Caribbean flair. In addition, the right tub fitting and a rain shower and the deception are perfect.

Why does my shower curtain always stick to my legs?

Shower Curtain imagesIt can be seen that when showering, the drape literally sucks on the body. This is usually due to a cheap goods and the so-called Bernoulli effect, the physical principle of airflow properties. This causes the hanging to move inwardly during showering with warm water, because the fast-flowing air creates a vacuum.

A physical law cannot be over deciduous, but precautions can be taken to counteract this legality. It is only partly responsible for this, because it is too light and has no weight ingestion at the lower edge.

A Professional decoration always has a hem in the hem of heavy ness or stainless steel. You will also find those that are equipped with small magnets at the hem. Of course, this only works if you have a metallic shower cup or bathtub, with plastic tubs this effect fizzles out.

What else do I have to consider taking a bathroom shower curtain?

  • Our small purchase advice aims to draw your attention to the most important features so that you can buy the best products for you.
  • As for material, choose between vinyl or polyester.
  • As for Size, pay attention to the correct dimensions.
  • In addition, pay attention to the weight, heavy or lead band-reinforced, do not stick to the body showering
  • Also, you have to choose the right eyelet size for your shower bar.
  • Remember, not every bathroom curtain is supplied with its rings. And they’re not big, unlike the thermal curtains for winter rings I recently bought.
  • You should pay attention to the wash ability and to antibacterial equipment, too.
  • Make sure that it has an anti-mold effect

How terrible mold is – you can read in this article.

Which bathroom curtain does not mold?

bathroom curtain imagesWhether a shower drapes molds or not depends to a large extent on the material it is made of. Clear front runners here are above all the textile, as they are made of polyester.

Polyester curtains are coated not to only repellent water and bacteria, but also easier to clean, which also supports the anti-mold effect.

Polyester and its coating also ensures that this fabric dries much faster than the others, another positive influence against stick stains and mold.

Which shower curtain does not stick?

Basically, it has to be said that there is no special one, which will not stick to you when showering.

The reason for this is simply that hangings are very light and create a vacuum that makes the curtain stick to you.

However, there are some tricks and methods to prevent the sticking at least in part.

You could definitely make it more difficult with commercially available weights or lead bands. This is the best, fastest and most cost-effective way to go glue.

types curtains

What are the alternatives to bathroom curtains?

Probably the most common alternative to best shower curtains for small bathrooms is the shower cubicle or shower walls. These are also available in different materials, plastic or glass.

Shower walls and cabins are often more durable compared to this drapes, usually hold back the splashing water more effectively and sticking to the body is completely absent here.

However, this alternative is more expensive to purchase and also the assembly is more complicated and lengthy. There is also more intensive and frequent care to avoid water stains and limescale deposits.

What types of shower curtains are there and which one is right for you?

shower curtainBasically, it can be distinguished in:

  • Plastic shower curtains
  • Made of natural materials

Since the plastic ones in the bathroom are the most sold and offered on the market, we will introduce you here to what types there are for plastic curtains and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

What distinguishes a polyester shower curtain and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Polyester goods are also often referred to as textile, as they differ somewhat from the plastic curtains.

If you attach great importance to hygiene and the anti-mold effect, then polyester curtains are probably best for you.


Noble optics

  • Drying very quickly
  • Anti-bacterial and mold-resistant coatings possible
  • Water-repellent


  • More susceptible to stick stains
  • More prone to mold
  • Very care-intensive

For many textile products, therefore, more intensive care is necessary than for others. If you don’t have the time or desire to do this, you might want to reconsider other materials.


Opportunities for care you shower curtains for your little and cozy bathroom

Another point that helps for hygiene and certainly also against mold. It is the possibility of care that your new drapes can have.

The care also depends on the material that the bathroom curtain is made of. Here, too, polyester stuff are once again the clear pioneer.

In principle, all types can be washed in the washing machine, but for products made of EVA and PEVA, it is recommended to wash them by hand.

Waterproof curtains ShowerEnvironmental friendliness

This aspect is again related to the material of them. Usually accompanied by environmental friendliness, the effect of this wares on your health is also possible.

The most environmentally friendly are goods made of natural fabrics (e.g. cotton).

The cheapest PVC are harmful to the environment and thus to your health. This is due to the plasticizers contained therein. This makes them less easy to recycle.


Waterproof should actually be the main target for hangings, but this is not the case with all curtains.

However, for curtains made of EVA, PEVA and polyester, you can usually be sure that they are waterproof. This is again due to their coating.

In general, it is recommended to check whether it is really waterproof before purchasing. The waterproof can also affect the durability of the color and the motif.

How long does a shower curtain keep their vendibility?

How long a shower curtain vendibility depends not only on the material but also on the care and handling of your stake?

It is not possible to say whether it will lose the vendibility a month or several years, as many different facts about durability play along.

PVC for your bathroom must always be able to dry optimally after showering, so that mold has less good chances and the curtain can, therefore, last longer.

EVA, PEVA and polyester curtains are less sensitive due to their often water-repellent coatings. The possibility to wash them usually without problems also increases their durability.

Best shower curtains for small bathrooms made of cotton or linen-like to suck up water and must, therefore, be able to dry optimally to ensure long service life.

How to wash bathroom curtains?

Cleaning it affects both durability and hygiene.

Basically, it can be said that any hangings can be washed, in the machine or by hand.

shower curtainHowever, there are a few tricks to keep in mind:

  • Shower curtains made of cotton or linen can be washed up to 60 degrees.
  • Plastic decorations can usually be washed up to 30 degrees.
  • If the curtains are left hanging after washing, please let them dry in peace.
  • Smooth it to avoid unsightly crumpling.

Another tip, if your curtain already has stick stains or similar: Add soda when washing. In the last rinse, vinegar can also help.

However, as soon as the wares should have mold, you should remove it and buy a new one. However, even these little tricks against mold can help.

Important questions – in short and concise

What to do to prevent the bathroom curtain from molding?

Drain your drapes after showering and dry. This does not create stick stains or even mold spots.

How often should I wash the shower curtain?

You should clean it in the washing machine every 4 to 6 weeks, as far as the cover is washable. This removes not only dried soap residues but also limescale deposits.

How is the shower curtain fixed?

It has loops or rings that are pushed over a rod system. This can be straight or run multiple sides of the shower or bathtub. Loops are difficult to push when wet, metal rings are particularly smooth.

How high should I hang the shower curtain in the bathroom?

Avoid attaching best shower curtains for small bathrooms directly under the ceiling. A distance to the ceiling of about 15 centimeters is optimal, so that the moisture can peel off over the ceiling.

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    • Since the curtain in the bathroom is all the time in the spray with water, it eventually appears dirt, yellowness, stains from water divorces. All these contaminants can be washed if you wash just a bath curtain in the washing machine.
      It is better to soak in advance to make it easier to leave the pollution. You can’t use drying and pressing, as you can only damage the curtain. To achieve more effect, the machine can also put a few towels, which in the process will come into contact with the curtain, and serve as brushes.
      After washing, the curtain can be soaked for half an hour in salted water to form a protective layer on the surface of the material.

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